Peace in Modern Veterinary Care

Peace in Modern Veterinary Care

As a lifelong pet owner and someone who grew up in a veterinary hospital, I’m keenly aware that those who enter the profession truly seek to deliver the best and most compassionate veterinary care possible for their patients.

But veterinary care has historically also provided peace and calm for pet owners, whether through annual exams and blood work, ensuring their pet is healthy, or guidance on the best nutrition and preventive care. This peace also comes when pets are sick or injured because an authentic, trusted relationship with the care team helps instill confidence in the medical recommendations provided.

I have personally experienced this compassion and peace when it came time for one of my four-legged family members to cross the Rainbow Bridge. This led me to spend some time considering what specifically provides the tranquility my veterinary care team brings to my life.


The leading component that brings calm for me is continuity of care. From talking to the same person each time I call to seeing the same nursing team and doctor each time I visit, I have the assurance that they know me, my pet and my family. This level of knowledge and familiarity with my pet and family were the basis of a curated medical care plan tailored to my pet that was reflective of my values.

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The authentic relationship established with my veterinary care team encourages tough questions and the space to hear tough answers. As a family, we experienced a very difficult diagnosis of terminal cancer for our first family dog. Yet because of our 10-year relationship with the same doctor, our family gained comfort from his guidance as he helped us seek out the best qualified medical team in our community. We listed out all of our options while our veterinarian played an active role in helping us understand the decisions we had to make. This level of authenticity supported us and brought us peace through honest guidance as we navigated these uncharted territories.

As veterinary medical care continues to evolve through additional diagnostic tools, lifelong healthcare planning and expanding access to specialists, building the core of your veterinary care team is more important than ever to securing peace as you care of your pet. It is the foundation of why I was so excited to build veterinary care focused on these principles.

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